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Webinar 11.2022: Market Update and What is Tax Loss Harvesting? Is this Something You Should Consider?

Webinar 10.2022: Market Update and Financial Planning Tips to Mitigate 2022 Taxes

Webinar from 09.2022: Market Update and Is Your Family Prepared for a Financial Emergency?

Webinar from 08.2022: Market Update and Financial Education for the Next Generation

Webinar from 07.2022: Market Update and Inflation, the Federal Reserve and Recession

Webinar from 06.2022: Market Update and Caring for an Aging Parent

Webinar from 04.16.2022: Market Update and What is 'Active Portfolio' + How it Might Benefit You in the Current Investing Environment

Webinar from 03.19.2022: Market Update, Geopolitics, Rising Interest Rate + the Financial Markets, and It's Not Too Late to Save for Retirement + Reduce Your 2021 Taxes

Webinar from 02.152022: Market Update, Inflation, The Federal Reserve Will Be Raising the Interest Rates, Stocks/ETF/Bonds vs Mutual Fund

Webinar from 01.152022: Market Update, Rising Interest Rates and the Bond Market, What We are Watching

Webinar from 12.11.2021: Market Update, "Tax-Loss Harvesting": What It Is and How it Can Help You, What We are Watching 

Webinar from 11.20.2021: Market Update, The Importance of a Budget and How We Can Help Put One Together, What We are Watching

Webinar from 9.25.2021: Market Update, Possible Changes to Taxes, Tax Dome Client Portal

Webinar from 8.21.2021: The "Fed" and Your Investments, Market Update

Webinar from 7.19.2021: Check in with special guest, Chris Ballisteri; EA, DAK-Tax Manager

Webinar from 6.19.2021: Review of Website

Webinar from 5.22.2021: Assessing the Value in Your Home, Market Update & What We Are Watching

Webinar from 3.20.2021: Update on the American Rescue Plan and How to Read Your Statements

Webinar from 2.20.2021: Asset Allocation and the Commercial Real Estate Bubble

Webinar from 1.23.2021: Market Outlook and Tax Tips with Chris Balisteri

Webinar from 12.19.2020: Market Outlook in Light of Current Events and Welcome Christopher Balisteri, EA

Webinar from 11.21.2020: Q&A on November Election

Webinar from 11.07.2020: Support the K

Webinar from 10.24.2020: Review of Beneficiary Designation

Webinar from 10.10.2020: Market Update; Qualify/Non-Qualify, Do You Have a Boy or Girl?

Webinar from 09.19.2020: Financial Markets Update