Our services

Our clients engage with us on three levels. All three levels are a fiduciary relationship, meaning it is fee-based not commission based. This makes the relationship client-centered not product-centered.

First Level

Our most basic level of engagement is to bring assets under management. This is when you would move your accounts to us for fiduciary management.  A fee will be charged based on the assets under management. We will monitor your accounts, offer annual reviews, and be available to answer questions regarding the accounts we manage.  You will receive quarterly statements and have access to your accounts online.

Second Level

At this level of engagement, we provide consultation on an hourly basis. This is used when you may need direction or advice on one or two areas such as cash flow or distribution strategies. “What’s the best way to get my money in retirement?” We will use our software to create cashflow simulations, Social Security simulations, and withdrawal strategies.  This level usually requires two to three meetings.  We will require account and budget information.  You are not required to move your assets under our management, however, many clients do.

Third Level

The third and most successful way of engagement is doing a comprehensive financial plan that will cover the most important areas of your financial wellbeing. This allows you to take action and make a plan: to gain control of the present, plan for the future, and prepare for the unexpected. This engagement will be billed at a set fee and includes the skills of our financial planning team and our staff CPA. The fee includes your tax preparation for the first year. Once the plan is presented you will have your own personal Wealth Health website, this will allow you to view all the aggregated account balances with one login. You can track your budget and the progress of your goals. The relationship doesn’t end there. After the first year, and each year thereafter, we have a “review and renew” meeting. At this point, you can choose to renew the relationship, which includes the update and maintenance of your personal Wealth Health website, ongoing consultation with our financial planning staff and our staff CPA.