Our Process

At Kautz/Buckley Independent Wealth Management we work to meet all of our client’s financial goals by developing a comprehensive financial plan to help them gain control of the present, plan for the future and prepare for the unexpected. We have developed a streamlined process for constructing a financial plan that simply begins with getting to know you.

We take the time to have effective conversations, allowing us to gain a strong understanding of the situation. A broad framework is set by looking at your current circumstances and your goals for the future. Once all aspects of your situation are evaluated and analyzed, a comprehensive plan is presented.

When a plan is put in place, accounts become accessible through your Wealth Health website. This allows you to track your progress towards your goals and identify if changes need to be made. Review appointments, re-cap letters, and check-in phone calls allow us to stay connected with you and better serve your needs.

View the video on this page for more information on how you can gain control of your financial future by engaging with our firm.